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Nordic Football Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

We welcome Tom Dent back onto the podcast for an in-depth interview with Steve Wyss. Hear how he has transitioned from an OBOS Ligaen manager at Stjørdals-Blink to working under Jakob Michelsen as assistant manager at Ham Kam in the Eliteserien. We discuss and dissect their season, which ultimately saw the club escape relegation by finishing 13th. Hear the intricacies of coaching, adapting to the top level along with mental & physical challenges. We discuss the league as a whole and give our team of the year suggestions. Also looking ahead to the future with VAR coming into the Eliteserien for 2023, along with personal and club ambitions. We thank Tom for his generous time again on the NFP and wish him all the best. 


00:00 Intros

02:14 Moving from Stjørdals-Blink to Ham Kam

07:56 Season Objectives

11:50 Start of season adaptations

19:25 The ‘Ham Kam Way’ Formations & Identity

27:50 Coaching 3-5-2 vs 4-3-3

31:00 Statistics & types of play

38:45 Losing Kristian Eriksen mid-season

44:25 Players adapting to Eliteserien level

50:25 Defeat to Sarpsborg - fallout & rebound

59:31 Goalkeeper change

1:01:10 End of season relief

1:03:55 Tom & Steve’s Eliteserien team of the season

1:13:50 Current strength of Eliteserien football

1:18:40 VAR in Eliteserien for 2023

1:23:34 Ham Kam & Tom Dent future

1:28:35 Influence of Jakob Michelsen