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Nordic Football Podcast

Jun 11, 2022

Steve is joined by Henry, @footballinDK to review the Danish Superliga campaign. We look back on the title race, which eventually was closer than expected. Who over and under achieved this season and which teams ended up going down? Find out Henry's 'flop' of the year and also who makes his XI of the season? 

Thanks to Henry for his great appearances on NFP this season. Check out his new blog/website for more content.



00:00 Intros & general thoughts

05:15 Championship group & title fight

16:02 Relegation group and battle

21:05 Overachieving side - Silkeborg

27:22 Underachievers

32:40 Henry's XI of the season

1:01:44 Top 3 managers of the season

1:09:00 'Flop' of the season

1:13:25 Looking ahead and Henry's new blog/website