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Nordic Football Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

Join Steve Wyss & Jonathan Fadugba as they talk about the latest goings on in Norway & Sweden. In the Allsvenskan it was a battle between two IFKs as Norrköping beat Göteborg 3-1. Hear Jonathan’s thoughts on the game and why he thinks their current tactical style might be hindering IFKG. Are Peking over their slump and hear why the pressure is massively on Olaf Mellberg at Helsingborgs. We have a player in focus, with talented 17 year old Isak Bergmann Johannesson in the spotlight. Jonathan rates him highly and listen to find out his big strengths and just how far he can go. Over in Norway Steve gives his opinion on the latest failings at Molde as they are losing their grip on the title battle. His team focus is on Odd who have been in brilliant form recently. What is working so well and hear how new coach Jan Frode Nornes has them punching above expectations. The Eliteserien player in focus is RBK’s Emil Konradsen Ceide. Hear how this 18 year old has been frustrating Steve with certain parts of his game. Is he overrated or do his better qualities outweigh the bad? 

Itinerary for this episode:-

5:00 - Allsvenskan talk

15:00 - IFK Göteborg problems

23:30 - Player in focus - Isak Bergmann Johannesson

35:15 - Helsingborgs slump

41:35 - Eliteserien section begins

52:30 - Odds BK, why have they done so well?

1:02:50 - Player in focus Emil Konradsen Ceide

1:17:45 - Mjøndalen return to form