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Nordic Football Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

Our man Jonathan Fadugba interviews Kevin Nicol, the Scotsman currently in charge of OBOS Ligaen club Mjøndalen. Hear his story in football and how things have been at the club since he took over from the long standing Vegard Hansen, who was the previous manager for 17 years! Thanks to Kevin for his time, we appreciate it.


00:00 - Intros

01:10 Taking over from Vegard Hansen

04:20 Learning from Hansen & core coaching principles

13:10 Playing career, shaping management, personal influences

21:37 Mjøndalen & coaching youngsters

25:50 Mjøndalen - the club & structure

28:15 Norway - development of players system

31:50 Mjøndalen - model & young players to watch out for

35:35 The future for Kevin Nicol

38:40 Coaching mentors